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Welcome to sailing yacht Alishan

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Sailing To Japan... more paperwork

Welcome to some Extra Paperwork.

These are for the JCG (Japan Coastguard). All with the compliments of some 2 leggers on this planet that are bored with their Playstation and like to play real-life terror games.....

Anyway, in short, here are some details. First the most likely contact ##


TEL 0980-83-0118

FAX: 0980-83-0135


TEL 098-867-0118

FAX: 098-869-1167


TEL: 099-222-6681

FAX: 099-222-6712


TEL: 092-281-5865

Fax: 092-281-5889

(For other ports and fax/telephone data please see the link below or email us. )

Here you go

24 Hours before arrival from an overseas port, please fax to the Coastguard the following data:

(The paper indicates: if more is okay )

Name of ship,

Type of ship,

Flag of ship,

IMO number,

Port of registry,

Gross tonnage,

Name and address of owner and operator,

Name and port of entry Japan + ETA,

(All) Ports in Japan after entry (we asked the JCG and they told us: as best as possible, so just throw in a few names and numbers......),

Communication system with the JCG, like VHF and call sign data, on board phone & ##,

Very important: PREVIOUS ports of call x 4 (or more if you like). So ports before Japan with all data e.g. dates, crew changes etc.

Don't forget to sign 

Please email us if you have questions.

See the links here below.


1) The story behind this paperwork

2) The form(s) to be filled out

 3) Contact list: e.g. telephone and fax numbers

Now foreign ships cannot go anywhere they like. Only ports where customs and immigration have offices can be visited. That's all in the Thick Book.( from the time Japan was a closed country!!) Now somewhere, sometime, a new rule has been made for cruising yachts and their crew, so stops can be made at in-between ports.

As long as the above JCG paperwork has been done properl, cruising around Japan is easy. AND FUN

In addition: The boat can stay in Japan for a longggggg time.

The crew will get a 90 day visa. For most countries this again can be extended WITHIN Japan to an other 90 day so that makes enough time for your trip. Now I don't know on what passport you travel. I'm happy to contact the immigration people for you. Anyway a 3rd extension is usually not possible in Japan, so there comes the Korea Run...

And of course also take a look at Noonsite

Okay, with many thanks to the Fukuoka Branch of the JCG, here are some more links. Mind you, you and your computer should be able to read Japanese;-))

This is Japan Coast Guard English Homepage.

Reporting on the security Information of ships.

This page is written in Japanese,

but there are links of the items in English/Korean/Chinese/Russian