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Welcome to sailing yacht Alishan

Read more about the adventures and boat-projects on board of Alishan

Q2 report 2006, almost D-day

Creating this Q2 2006 update is F.U.N., because we have less than 2 weeks to go in the J.O.B. Bizz. Yippee

Our cruising plan is becoming reality and we see more and more cruising gear go on board and teaching stuff disappear in that big box on shore.

Yes our PETD (remember: Possible Expected Time of Departure) is coming close; looks like it will be some day in August.

First there is a story to tell, in this case more pictures than words. Here we go..

Like last year, April started with the Saga Half Marathon. (see Q2 2005)

This year when the gun went off, thunder and lightning was all around us…not to forget a down poor of solid rain. Bit scary indeed, but as there was no wind, they worked out to be more or less okay running-conditions.

By km10 the sun came out little by little and we had a super final stretch to the finish . Marijke made it without too many blisters and for Japie it was a nice training run.

And of course afterwards it was time for hot-springs and nice food. We enjoyed a bbq under a cherry tree in full bloom. Thanks again Takeshita san for all the prep and cook work. All in all a Perfect Day.

A few days later Japie flew to Holland to see the family and to take part in the Rotterdam Marathon. Indeed, older goes faster…well, it was only 1 minute faster than last year. And again it was fun (once the finish line was crossed) so I hope to be there next year.

Hmmm, or is it Marijke’s turn?

See here my Rotterdam South Super Support Group. Thanx Henk and Grace!

The finish line music was; “ I’ll survive (Donna summer)…….. It gave me wings.

Post Marathon Apple Cake with double cream... Mom told me I deserved it!

The shirt is a special gift. (I’ll tell you the details when we have an eyeball.)

Ahum, fish in Holland....No thank you!

Nothing beats our Meinohama Sunday Morning fish market.

2x Typical Holland. Just the way – the only way – we like it.

Bro Herman is cooking up a nice stew. Thanx for the stay.

Herman and Judith taking care of 2 of their 23-or-so pets....

Maassluis, hometown and homeport for Alishan has lotsss of water.

Scheepsvaart Museum in Rotterdam.

Back in Japan it was full spring, so time for hikes and some flower and funny sign spotting.

This power pole sign makes sense doesn’t it? Even without Japanese reading skills.

H20 reserve, let’s work together.

No comment but I do agree: You’re a pig if you smoke!

These are the type of maps we have to use when we go hiking. It takes special reading skills, unrelated to any language!

Do you see the North arrow? It’s pointing to the SW.!! Very common on Japanese maps.

Pretty map, just a bit trickier to read.

Yes, now we know the trail.

Proof that we did make it to the top of Mt Raizan.


This is just a street in our neighborhood. Marijke said: those trees look familiar, I have seen them somewhere. It took her only 6 months to realize they were kastanje bomen!!! (Horse chestnut) mini versions of the ones back in Holland.

Spring was also good for a day sail with our Marathon Friends….solid crew!

And runners can munch so much food.

Poor Wakame wasn’t too happy on that day sail.

Another outing to Yufuin and Mt Kuju, the highest mountain on the island of Kyushu.

Up up and up we went…..

…and then at the top we found out that we didn’t climb Mt Kuju but “Mt Wrong” (only 6 m. lower)

Those maps….remember. But no problem as we had a great hike but Marijke got convinced that she needed new hiking shoes.

By now those shoes are bought and broken in and Mt Kuju is still there, waiting.

Good for a last climbing project before leaving Japan?

Some volcanic activity ...much needed for our ever so popular hot springs



Far and few...mind you we did buy heaps of parts and more parts for Alishan. (Again)

**A new rain/sun bimini was made over the cockpit, version # 3.

Still not perfect, more to follow.

** The Silva mast top wind unit fell apart and needed to be replaced. Not such a big job but it took some effort. Once we found the dealer (in Tokyo) it was a matter of mailing the parts and paying the yens… 2 Weeks later we were able to record wind strengths and shifts again.

** The boom came back…that is: the rejuvenated boom. New is the tube and new are the reefing lines. The rest was still okay. It was nice to talk to the original rigger of Alsihan.

** Also that biggg box with the Strong Track arrived from the USA. Installation will have to wait until Hong Kong where we hope to get our new main sail. Wait for the pictures.

** Marijke started her canning project…oops what was the trick again??

After a few hiccups, she found the right twist to the jars and slowly the bilges are filling up with canned chicken and fish. Just like in the “old” days of fridge-less cruising.

** Then the sound system packed up and went in for repairs… just pay the yens ;-))

**Checking the fuel tank with the ever so “useful” assistance of inspectors Nori and Wakame.

After the ”job” it’s nice to take a rest.

See you next time.