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Shaking Earth in Fukuoka, a # 6First time in more than 300 years...happy to have "enjoyed" this event...

From the local newspaper:

* Massive Earthquake Hits Kyushu

A large earthquake measuring a magnitude of 7 on the Japanese scale struck northern Kyushu at around 10:53 a.m. on the morning of the 20th, killing one and injuring 451. The epicenter of the quake was in the Tsushima Strait at a depth of nine kilometers on what may have been a previously unknown fault line. Northern Kyushu has not suffered an earthquake of that intensity since 1700, when there was an earthquake near Iki Island and Tsushima.

See here some pictures from around our harbour and down town Fukuoka.

The quake lasted 11 seconds...The $$ bill lasts for years.