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Welcome to sailing yacht Alishan

Read more about the adventures and boat-projects on board of Alishan

Update via SSB radio

From now on (November 2008) we will also update this page via Radio Mail. Too bad we couldn't set up our own .com for this so you'll be zappped to an other blog.

Please click HERE (AND don't forget to return to

Pit Stop at Rebak

October 2nd.

Did you spot the new Update?

Q3 report 2008, enjoy the story and pictures .

Pfff t was a long sit in front of the computer due to the super slow internet connection, no complains as we do have the time. Meanwhile some bits and pieces are on its way to this islands, eg lifeline and engine coolwater strainer. Once the small repairs are done, we're out of here again.

Back in Langkawi

September 25th,

Alishan has been back in Langkawi for a few days. Marijke is flat out...producing a new update for the HP as there is sooo much to tell and show.

The trip around the Pang Nga Bay Islands and the trip down south was great. Not always the weather but that is this time of the year "normal". Ayway the story will come soon.

Out of here, at last

August 14, 2008

Good news.

99.9% 0f all the items on the To-Do-List are done!

When the tide is okay, Alishan will leave this marina and start cruising again. We still have a few more days on our visa, check out of Thailand at the end of this month and slowly work our way down South to Langkawi.

And yes we can tell you we are ready to leave this place.

The marina is so-so okay, but the nearby town is making us nervous: what a dirty place. Doesn’t have to be as many other villages here on Phuket Island are charming and clean. And worth a visit.

Beside boat projects we also did do some fun things like an overnight visit to the rainforest, a photo expedition to the local butterfly park and some rounds at Phuket Cable Water-ski! THAT was good fun, thanx Michael!

See here s shot of the hardtop bimini with some canvas work.

Visa Run #2, July 29

Well today we did Visa Run #2...

Don't know why they call it " a Run".... as it takes 4 hours sitting in a minibus that is driven mad-crazy ( like a full blown F1 race) to the border ( near Ranong)...and then again a 4 hours sit return trip to Phuket.

Anyway, we are okay for an other 29 days...but tell you now..we might be out of this marina a few days before hand, as the work on the hardtop bimini is making progress. 😎 The weather is perfect for the painters.

test-fit of the bimini

bimini covered with micro some! sanding has to be done

note the setup of the workshop 🙂

..and more sanding...

Alishan is in Phuket

June 9, 2008

Phuket is the name of the island we are at now.

To be precise, Alishan is at anchor at 8 degree 10.4 North

98 degree 20.3 East

This puts us just to the side of Yacht Haven Marina. We are planning to have some woodwork done here …tell you more later.

The trip from Langkawi, Malaysia was a good one, with by times good sailing weather, the odd roly anchorage and spectacular islands to look at. We sailed the ~120 miles with buddy-boat Lady Ann. That was good fun. Of course we took zillion of pictures, that follow soon of course.

For sure it is a bit cooler here than in Malaysia…

but the flip side is……..MUSQUITOS!

Hey this all looks like a holiday indeed.

Phi Phi Don Island, about 30 miles to the east of Phuket

Salute for now.

May 2008

May 14, 2008

Well Alishan hasn’t moved since last on-the-Move

Again time flies when you’re having fun and/OR when you’re busy.

Thus Jaap flew “up and down” to Holland. It was good to be with the family and to catch up with (long lost) friends. Of course he O.D.-ed on apple crumble, “witlof” and cheese…

Meanwhile, Marijke and the cats were able to keep those monitor lizards off the deck… (mind you, just today we almost had a monkey in the cockpit that had fallen in love with Wakame).

Rainy season definite started so a lot of time was spent inside… with and without the sewing machine on the table.

The other day it was the Last~Cast~Hip~Hop~Day for J.

The X-ray showed enough new bone glue around the fracture lines, and that’s of course good news. The cast came off and it took a 2 hour scrubbscrubb to get rid of the “dirt”. Result: a nice white baby elephant foot.

Now it’s hard work: doing heaps of self inflicting fysio stuff;-))) . You should see him: Did he really ever run a marathon?? 

Sometime next week, Alishan will leave Rebak Marina to explore a bit more of Langkawi and to get some Anchor-Points and after that: Hoist the sails for Phuket waters… Exciting!

After the paint job

April 20, 2008

Have you read Q1 2008?

Figured out what that last picture is about?

Well, that cast is now green…good for an other 4 weeks of Hip-Hop…

The left metatarsal bone is broken indeed. According to Uncle Orthopedic the prognosis is good…

But boy those first few weeks were hard on Jaap; Not the broken part but the No Running! 

Anyway, Alishan is happily back in the water. ( @ Rebak Marina).

Hope the antifouling paint does do the job this time. ( it was expensive for sure!!). Marijke and Ama (yard staff member) did a great job…while me watching of course 

And guess what? Alishan has a built in fridge at last! Of course on the day the machine has to do its first cool-down-job...there is hardly any sunshine to warm up the solar panels. (For the hard needed DC volts). Okay okay, we still have that big genset somewhere in the engine room.

On the 23rd J will fly to Holland for 2 weeks…to look after mom…or will she have to look after me?

And Marijke and the Catss will keep the monitor lizards of Alishan (I hope).

Salute for now.

Who is doing the Paint Job????

Alishan at Rebak Marina

March 23, 2008

Easter weekend.

Hmmm no bunnies or colorful eggs to be found here! But enough monkeys, hornbills and eagels....

It’s no joke but Alishan is in Rebak.

Position: 6 degree 17” North and

99 degree 41” East.

This marina is part of a resort, hence the free use of the swimming pool, dart board and tennis court…..but we won’t be using those facilities much as Alishan will go for a haul-out from the 26th on ( hopefully it will be done and over in 1 week hard work).

Amazing, there are about 50 boats here and we only know 2!

BTW we had a nice time at Kuah. We met up with Lady Ann again, with Kari and Asluagh our running buddies from Sebana Cove. Langkawi indeed is a super place to go jogging. ( nice scenery, little traffic and good roads, not like Penang)

Salute for now.

Alishan in Langkawi

March 11, 2008

Yes the passports did arrive and Alishan left Penang Island….2 days after the marina installed a washing machine at the ladies shower’s room…guess who was the first one to use that luxury-item ( and don’t ask about what happened to that new red shirt;-))

The next 60 mile trip was an easy one, even had the Big Spi flying for a while until the wind died. Ha diesel is still affordable in Malaysia ( for how much longer?): ~ Euro 0,30/liter

After all that dreaming we did the last couple of years, we finally can say:

We are in Langkawi!

Position: 6 degree 18” North and

99 degree 50” East.

Indeed a nice place to hang around for a while. For sure because the climate is so much better (not too sticky) than a few degrees further south (and east), so most of the mornings you can see us jogging around.

Also here in Kudah we met up with friends from more than 15 years ago

( some we only knew from the Ham radio!).

In a few weeks we’ll take Alishan out on the hard for a new paint and wax TLC job. It’s tough in paradise.

Salute for now

Alishan in Penang

February 14

Well, Alishan and crew is at Penang Island on the west coast of Malaysia.

It was a quick and easy non stop trip as we were buddy-boating with

sy Lady Ann which was in a fast hurry to get out of the water and on to the hard stand for a major repair job. The weather was perfect we can say, by times good for sailing and we by-passed the thunder and rain storms in the Singapore Straits!

We even had dolphins playing around the bow of Alishan one night… hard to believe with all the surface pollution and the zillion fishing boats around us.

Position: 5 degree 24” North and

100 degree 20” East

This is the Tanjong City Marina, which is next to the ferry landing, hence the by times very roly-poly. Mind you, around midnight the ferries stop running but then the disco starts up ;-)) No complains as town is at our door step. And there is a lot to see and do! And eat!

You can figure out that we are now in Full Swing Rat Mode: Celebrating the Chinese New Year and taking part in the festivities…..too many to mention right now, tell you later

One night we went to see the Kek Lok Si Temple, which was for the New Year all decorated with zillion of lights (don’t know why, ahum, but it reminded us of the pachinko’s in japan).

Oh yes, Penang is a handy stop over for us as here we can get new passports ……it will take only 2~3 weeks….but hey, we already have to add an extra week as the officials in the office screwed up our paperwork;-( So until the end of February Alishan will stay in this Rock and Roll marina.

Salute for now.

january 2008


And indeed we do a lot of socializing here in Sebana Cove.

So nice to have cruisers around you.

And of course we had the Family over for Xmas and New Year. First time in 20 years that we were all together. Can you imagine the talking, joking and eating we‘ve done? Of course it’s sad to say goodbye again, but the plans for a next reunion are made.

Alishan will start moving again in a few weeks time..oops, how will the growth be? Due to ??? we lost most of the HK antifouling.. After a shopping/fun stop-over in Singapore, we’re off to a boatyard for a fresh lick of paint.

Marijke is getting ready for a quick trip to Fukuoka, next week to look up friends and to renew her drivers license…..hmm it’s winter there!

Meanwhile, Jaap will sweat away over the Update…keep you informed.


Alishan at Sebana Cove

December 4, 2007

Alishan left Tioman Island, made an easy trip top Aur Island (30 miles). We managed to get a big wahoo on deck and in the fridge…yummy sashimi!

Our anchorage at Aur Island was pretty indeed…Too bad the beach was covered in an oil slick…where the “ H “ did that come from? Anyway we rested for 2 days and then left for Singapore Strait (~75 miles) late one afternoon to arrive at Sebana Cove (Malaysia) the next morning.

Now we are checking out this place for the upcoming family reunion.

It looks like Alishan will be here for a few weeks, no sailing but a lot of socializing!

And sometimes a bit Singaporing

nemo in tioman

Tioman Island

November 1, 2007

Tioman Island.

What a total contrast with HK.

AND do we like it.

What’s up?

Alishan is moored in a tiny marina. Nice and handy with lotsss of water for cleaning & washing and free power for the fridge.

The problem though we have now is to keep our cats ON the boat and strange cats OFF the boat

Hmmm, mid-life crisis? We decided to pick up our old hobby. So our scuba license is getting a refreshment page and in the meantime we are enjoying all the underwater colors and shapes. The last time we jumped in the water with all that gear on our back was sometime 1993, and I can tell you, it’s like cycling and skating: once you’re moving, it’s all coming back.

After that we hope to do a bit more hiking and then move on to the next island~stop.

Temperature/weather-wise: it’s the change-over of SW~NE monsoon. Bit rainy, bit sunny and the odd squall but COMFI for us after boiling hot HK.

Made it to Malaysia

On Oct 27 Alishan and crew made a safe island-landfal at Tioman Island in Malaysia.

We had a good trip. Favorable winds most of the time, nice sailing.

Lots of traffic though and some squalls of that Sumatra type.

The radar broke down again, after 15 hrs! FURUNOt so good!

Now we're relaxing and cleaning up.

More to follow.


October 7, 2007

Alishan wants to go…..but look at the weather map….

HK is at about 22N and 125 E, our course will be towards 10N and 120E.

We take eggs for our money and stay put on our mooring until these 2 swirl winds move off the chart.

Good idea?

Well, we do have a PETD ( Oct 1st)...and of course that Low to the South of us will turn into a typhoon...

So what better to do than make a new update: See Q3 report 2007 NEW

We just have to wait till the wind and the sea are willing to smooth our ride towards Malaysia.

BTW, click HERE if you want to HEAR the Alishan Song

Keep you updated.


September 26,

Busy, busy with making a new update. Should be done soon.

And a liitle busy with making Alishan AND us ready for departure HK. A PETD begin October.



September 1, 2007

Hmm, an other month.

In short what did we do since last Alishan on the Move update?

Well, we made that “visa run” all the way to Macau. (50 miles)

Too bad there was not enough wind to sail, so it was an other trip for the yanmar. We spent 2 nights in probably worlds crappiest marina (value for money etc), as the officials only want to check you in and -out from that place, visiting yachts have to use it. Option anchoring? No way, they did so much land-reclaiming that the risk of dropping the hook in Chinese waters is too big, and that is (still) a NoNo.

Of course there was more…see next Q3 update soon.

BTW, Macau has changed heaps since our last visit with Jan Haring. They built manyyy new casino’s, all catering for mainland gamblers…and do they come by busses, ferries and planes!

In HK we did some more shopping and hiking. And we had a great day out at Lantau.( the Big Buddha). Oh yes, we also went to the movies…first time in 8 years or so. (Ask us what movie we saw…)

September will keep us busy with the last items on the List to Do.

And study the weather for the jump down the South China Sea.

Salute for now.

Augusst 20,

The Happy Typhoons know to find us here in HK as well. No direct hit (as yet) but enough to bother us. Last week a small TD passed us on it’s way to the SW…..Can you imagine it did a U-turn and came back again! And it still potters around us!

BTW we both finished the latest Harry Potter…Good reading and it‘s gonna make a great movie!

This week Macau is on the program. Alishan has to go on a “visa run”

And we have a PETD ( possible expected time of departure) for SE Asia ( Philippines/Borneo/Singapore…don’t know yet) early October.

That's all for now,


July 29th

this is hong kong too

It's not a joke but we did it ! Had a ball of a Disney Time

And ....even made an update, see Q2 report 2007

June 26

What is happening to all those days of the week…weeks of the month? And-so-on.

Alishan with crew is happily in HK, flicking off the items on LTD (the list of things to do)…ahum.

It’s not going too well have to say as almost all the jobs and purchases are Half Kooced (hence HK):

The stove arrived finally (with a bent in the SS back plate)

The sails arrived…but had to go back to the sail maker as they had used the wrong size luff-rope,

The Pactor modem arrived, had to go back to Singapore/Germany as they had forgotten to put a part of the (their?) brain inside,

The upholstery arrived, had to go back to the maker as it didn’t fit,

The less than a year old radar had to be repaired by the Furuno dealer (warranty job !),

The generator starting problem got “repaired” with the wrong part and needed an second visit by the Onan engine-man,


But let me tell you, we are happy indeed as all this cruising (work) is what we like to do.

Hmmm, just looked on the calendar….. You are due for a new update with pictures…Hey we have about half a zillion photos waiting for you. So japie, off you go and do something ….

Will be back.

May 14th,

What’s new?

Hmm On The Move…Who? What?

Marijke had a super 2 weeks in Holland, and thanks to Global Warming she encountered midsummer temperatures, 28C and more. It was so hot that they even had to cut-of the Rotterdam Marathon … (last year Jaap did that marathon in just above zero temperatures…

And Marijke was only a week back on board and off we went together. Where to? Mainland China; Guilin and Yanshou. So beautiful out there. Of course the pictures will come in due time.

Alishan has moved to the other side of the bay here in Pak Sha Wan…. The mooring we are using now is very close to the shore, which is covered in thick vegetation…hence full of birds. We wake up every morning because of the birds, NOT because of city noise! Hey is this a bubbling 10 million people city?

This week we (should) get the new sails, the upholstery and maybe....???

update report

See our latest update at Q1 2007

April 17,

still in hk

having a great time.

March 22th

Not a dull day at all.

We are in in the shopping-till-dropping mode. To tell the truth, we are in full gear!

Laptop, printer, camera, telephone, full set of sails, upholstery, wetsuit,…..just to mention a few;-))

And what fun it is do do all this $$ spending. For example : engine fuel filters , 100% the same as we bought in Japan ( Racor) for $12 iso $55. Of course we bought way too many and didn’t save money at all.

Further: The truth is that Japanese rice is the tastiest rice in the world, that’s why we were able to stay so long in Nippon……but here we OD on superb whole wheat bread ( and dutch, yesyes, goat cheese). Ohllala…we need to watch our trim-line.

Plans are in the make for a mainland china trip, a week or 2 to Europe (marijke this time).

This weekend we get our first visitors from Fukuoka.

So you see…not a dull day here in HK

All okay at your end?

March 11th.

Ping Pong , we’re in Hong Kong.

Alishan left Ishigaki on Feb. 27, the day after a strong NE blew itself to pieces, Because of that the seas weren’t to comfy, but there was a small weather window for the passage around the bottom of Taiwan. The first 36 hours we moved along with light NE winds, not enough to sail ( our course was SW) so Yanmar (the engine) did all the work. In Bashi Channel it was blowing a steady 20~25 knots, still from the NE. Alishan motor-sailed around the bottom of Taiwan in 3~4 meter seas! Pff what a counter current, at least 3 knots smack on the nose, but on Thursday by lunch time we were in the South China Sea. And gone were those high seas! What a difference! Boy were we happy to get out of that Kuro Shio. That strong current which had been teasing us ever since leaving Fukuoka.

The rest of the trip to HK was a slow~boat affair. By times enough wind, still NE, to sail. At night it was Yanmar who did the hard work. Of course there was a lotttt of shipping, mostly Chinese fishing boats.

Anyway, Sunday at 1100 am. we picked up a mooring at the Hebe Haven Yacht Club.

It looks like we will be here for a few weeks…you should see our to-do list;-)) Already we made contact with a sail maker, number 1 on the list.

Since a few days Alishan has WiFi on board, so we are in contact with the rest of the can email us!

And we have telephone! For the first time in our lives we can read a mobile phone manual! Never knew you could do so many things with that thing.

What else?

Of course we'll have to start working on the HP update.

Keep you updated

February 15th

We did it!

No no Alishan is still in Ishigaki, but after 3 attempts we finally made it to the top of Mt Omoto. Okay it’s only 526 meters to the top, but the other 2 times we got rained of the mountain.

What else?

Well we went for a sail, even twice!

No no not with Alishan but once with the charter boat Clubswing ( see look at “topics” ) and once with Mike of Hanalee.

And we said goodbye.

No no not because we left but we had to say goodbye to Hiro Nagae. (The first Japanese cruiser to sail around the world: ). After a stay of 3 month here in Ishigaki he had to return to Nagoya. We met Hiro san here on the jetty..and talktalktalk, we found out that we share friends of friends..and even we might have spend some time together somewhere in SW Europe ( 1984). Still have to dig up those old logbooks.

But SPRING is here and the weather pattern is changing indeed. After next week we’ll get serious again about sailing towards HK.

Keep you updated.

February 3rd,

Alishan is still in Ishigaki, and so are we.

Mind you we just came back from a small trip overseas: Marijke went to Hong Kong to meet friends from Fukuoka (remember, Alishan was supposed to be in HK) and Jaap went to Bangkok to meet Mum, sister Hessel, hubby Sjaak and Sjaak’s father (for them Bangkok was a stop-over, as the flight Holland~NZ non-stop is a bit tooo much). Anyway, for us to get to Bangkok/Hong Kong we had to take the ferry from Ishigaki to Taiwan ( 7 hours) and from there by plane. The return trip was flying back to Taiwan and then the ferry to Okinawa and the next day “back” to Ishigaki on that same ship….pffff 36 hours…..Of course the weather was perfect with NO (zero) wind at all, so flat calm seas. I really was looking forward to see how “easy” such a big ferry would handle these rough winter seas we have here…

And as soon as we got back on board of Alishan a front hit the fan with 30+ knots coldddd wind from the north.

Anyway, we are happy here, taking care of the odd boat jobs, socializing and doing some hiking and/or jogging…. then one day it will be spring and weather conditions will be more suitable for the trip to Hong Kong.

Keep you updated.

January 2007

Alishan is still in Ishigaki and we are enjoying this winter weather here. Anyway, the trip to Hong Kong will have to wait until sometime next month. We are working "hard" on a new update for the HP. Somehow the internet connection got lost, but we are back on line and even made   

January 13, what else to do?

Small boat jobs, work on the HP, ( see Q4 report 2006) go for a bicycle ride and a snorkel, read halve a book...

Yesterday the weather was perfect...SE 15 knots, 25 C ...Today is NE 20~25, 19C. Hey it is winter!