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Welcome to the log of s/y Alishan,



Sunrise moment from Mt Alishan, Taiwan.



       Oh, you have found us…

            Welcome to the homepage of sy Alishan

    Taswell 43


Here we like to keep you updated on the what, the where and the how of

sy Alishan,

 the crew, and of course the cats Nori & Wakame.



Right now, not many sea miles are made.

But we are still happily living on board @ Fukuoka, Japan.


See and read what Marijke is doing: Wings 'n Things 


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And, if you do want to sail to JAPAN, take a look at:  BoatingJapan


Last update at this site: March 2020.

Q1 report 2011


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                                                         Cruising...it can be hard work.